Time Money Optimization®

Coaching for individuals, couples, and the self-employed seeking to improve their financial health and sustainability.

A balanced approach where YOU learn and build the structure that moves you forward on your life’s journey.

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About Time Money Optimization®

At a time when we face so many challenges, uncertainties, and messages about what we should do and how we should react, we often do not know which way to turn.

Often we hear messages about time management and financial budgeting, but rarely do we see how they go together to address the whole of our lives.

This coaching solution introduces and inspires thought-provoking and creative thinking designed to maximize our personal and professional potential by combining both time and money together and how they align for success.


We take an incisive look at how treating Time and Money as budgeted, tangible, and finite resources directly impacts both our financial sustainability and our progress toward achieving those things that have greater meaning in our lives.  We look inward to understand what motivates us to be better in ways we didn’t understand before.


We explore the difference between being busy and being intentional, and how being proactive instead of reactive will help us gain and maintain control over our lives, help to reduce distractions, and manage stress.


We discuss strategies for shrinking the gap of frustration between our expectations and our reality by taking emotion out of decision-making. We learn to design systems, build structure, develop rules, and create accountability that will enable us to become results-driven. We end with a clearer vision of how to realize our true potential.

It’s your life. Enjoy the journey.

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Meet Trish

Trish Slatin

Trish Slatin has pursued self-employment and entrepreneurship all her life. She is most energized when she works with others to achieve goals. Trish has a strong propensity for numbers and finds the accounting process fascinating because these rules give numbers structure and provide significant information. She has discovered a way of applying these same rules to other areas of life, helping to optimize time and money and enabling people to reach their full potential.

Symbionics, LLC

Trish’s passion for life and its possibilities and her work ethic, resourcefulness, and dedication to doing what she loves motivated her to launch Symbionics, LLC in 2010. The name Symbionics refers to the concept of symbiosis: independent entities stronger together. She has dedicated her career to supporting others by building a wide range of accounting and financial capacities, helping her clients to reach their own potential in a vast array of business fields. This experience has been invaluable in developing her skills, insights, and methods.

Time Money Optimization

In 2016, Trish realized the importance of treating Time the same as Money: finite resources that can help us achieve the otherwise unachievable once we understand how to use them. She trademarked Time Money Optimization® and began incorporating it into her accounting and business support practice.

In 2023, Trish decided to compile the experiences and knowledge from her past to bring the full program to others who want more control over their situations and better results in their lives.

In today’s world, it’s become even more important to share what works in honest and definitive ways. We have so many voices telling us what to do and how to act that it’s refreshing to know there are answers to help guide our decision-making that keep us grounded and moving forward in healthy ways.

Trish earned a Marketing degree, with a concentration in business, from the University of Maryland. She primarily focused on best practices for those who chose self-employment. She became a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor to provide financial cleanup, financial system design, and consulting services. She earned her professional bookkeeping certification through AIPB. In 2016, Trish became a Certified Professional Coach through the Center for Coaching Certification in order to bring the benefits of coaching to others.