Time Money Optimization®

Coaching for individuals, couples, and the self-employed seeking to improve their financial health and sustainability.

A balanced approach where YOU learn and build the structure that moves you forward on your life’s journey.

The Process is the same but solutions vary among Individuals, couples, and those who are self-employed.

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Time Money Optimization®

For Individuals

Time Money Optimization®

For Couples

Time Money Optimization®

For Self-Employed

This coaching will help reveal your strengths and motivators as well as weaknesses and risk to map out a design for your path to success in all areas of your life: health, knowledge, general responsibilities, sleep & restfulness, career growth with satisfaction, projects, and interpersonal connections with family, friends, and your community. We explore the nine elements of living that we all share and learn how to uniquely optimize time and money to achieve our goals and dreams. The journey is uniquely designed to meet each individual’s needs and passions.

We will identify the gaps of frustration in all nine life elements and will learn to take positive and healthy actions that will reduce the gap between reality and expectation for a more satisfying life experience.

We will explore the limited resource of Time and become more intentional in how we use our time and how to identify what may be blocking the results.

We will build financial budgets and systems that track progress in a way that shows our potential and growth as well as risks and gaps. This knowledge helps us take action in time to avoid or minimize risk.

We will see how both Time and Money are finite resources. We will learn to use them together to achieve our larger goals, build habits that promote sustainability, and keep us moving forward on our journey.

We will identify what really matters to you as you take this journey. We will design flexibility into the process that keeps you on target.

If you are an individual or a couple or chose self-employment as your career path, this program will give you new perspectives, tools, and processes to go through the journey of your life and achieve the results you want.

It’s your life. Enjoy the journey.

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